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To vote in the Republican Party primary, you must be a North Carolina registered Republican or unaffiliated voter that chooses the ballot of candidates for the. Voter videos, graphics, registration toolkits, and legal resources for churches and pastors are available here. We hope these online resources we are. El Paso County and Colorado Statewide and Federal Elections · + · Local Voter Guide for Your County/State Anywhere in America, · Then Click Here for More Info. Our Judge Voter Guide for California's November 8th General Election will help you cut through the rhetoric, election propaganda and biased media coverage. Faith & Freedom Coalition launched our mid-term election voter education campaign to maximize conservative Christian voter in the key battleground.

But corporations and unions can make independent expenditures that are related to a federal election campaign so long as those expenditures are not for. We Vote Values, Faith, Life, Family, and Religious Freedom, independent, elections, voting. Voter Guides and Resources. Dates and Deadlines General Election Information: Registration Deadline: October 21, * *In-person same day registration. Official Voter Information Guide, March 5, , California Presidential Primary Election. Christian voter guide for the presidential election with testimonies from the Christian candidates and incumbents or in-depth analyses of their records. Christ's instruction has many life applications for Citizens Christians. Among them are: registering to vote, encouraging others to do the same, and then voting. My Voter Hub is the most comprehensive resource available for the Christian voter, covering elections in every zip code across the US. Florida Faith Votes is a user friendly political resource for Florida Christian Voters. This simple, easy to use platform can quickly help you assess the. As the Citrus County Supervisor of Elections, I welcome you to browse through our website. We hope you will find this site useful and look forward to hearing. Each candidate was sent a Issue Survey by mail and/or email. When possible, positions of candidates on issues were verified or determined using voting. Voting Information. Voting by biblical values is a Christian duty. It's one more way to act as salt and light to our world.

Your source for Christian Voter Guides in the state of Texas. vote? Check Here. Primaries are Happening. Get Your Personalized Sample Ballot & Voter Guide. Watch our latest interviews. MFV-TV. 1 in 3 Christians does not. President Donald Trump and the Republican Party are the best decision to bring God's blessings. Voting against God for Democrats is a national security danger. Voting is at the core of all civic participation. Texas Impact encourages people of faith and all Texans to participate in all elections. In , the Texas. Why Should Christians Vote. While there is no verse in the Bible that reads, 'thou shalt vote,' God's word challenges followers of Christ to seize every. The candidate must meet the Presidential Election Campaign Fund Act's minimum contribution threshold requirements for qualifying for matching funds, based on. Access state and local voter guides that impact upcoming legislative issues in your state. Biblical Voter offers a one stop source for Christian voter. Please visit our site then and download the guide for your March 3rd ballot recommendations. We also could use help in funding this endeavor. Christian voter guide for the presidential election with testimonies from the Christian candidates and incumbents or in-depth analyses of their records.

A photo of County voters standing in line at a precinct. Board of Elections. Managing the election process within Mecklenburg County. Educate voters and have an impact! We're looking for , conservatives who will agree to: Pray about the coming elections; Vote on Election Day. Christians Engaged is one of the top, highly trusted sources for civic prayer, voting resources and engagement. We need your help to continue providing this critical voter education! The Virtuous Giving Form could not be found! Please check the embed code and try again. By L.A. Williams, CAL Correspondent Christian Action League of North Carolina. RALEIGH – It's Nov. 4, you head to the poll, step into the voting.

Links to current ballot measures or candidates appearing on your upcoming ballot. If information is not available between elections this page will have the.

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